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University of New Mexico - Los Alamos National Laboratory Volcanology Program

The joint UNM-LANL Volcanology Program is a teaching and research program with emphasis on the physical and chemical processes of generation and eruption of volcanic materials, the relationship of volcanism to tectonism, and the processes occurring at active volcanoes.

Volcanology research focuses on:
  • assessment and mitigation of volcanic hazards

  • the composition of volcanic gases through direct sampling methods and remote sensing

  • continental scientific drilling

  • geothermal energy

  • volcanogenic mineral deposits

  • pyroclastic deposits

  • disposal of chemical and nuclear waste in volcanic materials

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  • Bezymnianni and Kliuchevskoy Volcanoes, Kamchatka


    Tobias Fischer:, (505) 277 0284

    Gary Smith:, (505) 277 2348

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