General Course Guidelines:

None of the upper-division courses listed below require the BA/BS major core curriculum as prerequisites; some require other non-EPS courses or instructor permission. Most minors take EPS 101, 20L, and 105L in preparation for taking the upper-division classes. Upper-division courses that are strong complements to majors in Biology (B), Anthropology (A) and Computer Science (C) are indicated. Instructors and frequency of offering are subject to change.

Advising: It is recommended that you seek advice of the E&PS Departmental Undergraduate Advisor early for course recommendations based on your other academic interests and career plans. Contact Professor Laura Crossey, 277-5349,, or Professor Maya Elrick, 277-5077;

Lower Division

101 How the Earth Works (3) [Every semester] 204 Gem Minerals and Gems (2) [Every Spring]
105L Physical Geology Lab (1) [Every semester] 210 Life in the Universe (2) [Every Fall]
106 Evolution and Age of the Earth (2) [Every Fall] 211. Dinosaurs (3) [Every Spring]
115 Geological Disasters (3) [At least 1 semester per year] 225 Oceanography (3) [At least 1 semester per year]
201L Historical Geology (4) [Fall & Spring] formerly 102L 250 Geology of New Mexico (3) [Every Fall]
203 Earth Resources and Man (3) 251 Meteorology (3) [Every Spring]

Upper Division

Geochemistry / Mineralogy Ancient Life
301 Mineralogy/Earth & Planetary Materials (3) Klein, every Fall 411L Invertebrate Paleontology (4) (B) Kues, every Fall
333 Environmental Geology (3) (B) 412 Index Fossils (3) (B) Kues, every Spring
415 Geochemistry of Natural Waters (3) (B) Crossey, every Fall Field Geology

310 Field Geology of New Mexico (4) [Karlstrom, Geissman, 1-2 sem per year]

Hydrology/Hydrogeology Climate/Global Change
462 Hydrogeology (3) (B,C) Campana, every Fall 436 Climate Dynamics (3) (B,C) Gutzler, every Fall
472 Subsurface Fate and Transport Processes (3) (C) Campana/Crossey, every other Spring 439 Paleoclimatology (3) (A) Fawcett, every Spring
474L Hydrogeology Lab (1) Campana, every other Fall 454 Global Climate Change (3) Gutzler, every other Spring
476 Physical Hydrology (3) (B,C) Campana, every Fall Quaternary Geology and Landscapes
Modeling / Data Analysis 455L GIS and Computational Applications (4) (A,B,C) (instructor TBA), every other Spring
433 Statistics & Data Analysis in Earth Science (3) (C) Huestis, usually 1 sem per year 481L Geomorphology and Surficial Geology (4) (A,B) (instructor TBA), every Fall
458 Modeling Techniques in Earth Sciences (3) (C) Fawcett, every other Fall 482L Geoarchaeology (3) (A) Smith/Huckell, every other Spring
467 Environmental Mechanics (3) Campana, every other Spring 485L Soil Stratigraphy and Morphology (3) (A,B) McFadden, every other Fall

Other Worlds

365 Exploring the Solar System (3) Agee, every Spring 465 Mars Evolution (3) Agee, every Fall

General Information:

  • Declare your major early (forms available in A&S Advisement Center, Ortega Hall)
  • Seek advice of a Departmental Undergraduate Advisor early and often! [Professor Laura Crossey, Rm 339, Northrop Hall, 277-5349; or Professor David Gutzler, Rm 210 Northrop Hall, 277-3328;]
  • Get Involved!! Sign up for the Undergraduate Geology Club (Don Powers Room, 2nd floor Northrop).
  • Keep informed! Sign up on the EPS listserve... directions available in main office.