General Information:

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Degree Requirements:
Env Sc BS

Our proposed new major is deliberately designed to be sufficiently flexible to allow students, with close guidance from a faculty advisor, to design a major program emphasizing a variety of specific approaches to studying Earth's environment, based on a firm foundation of supporting sciences and ending with a project-oriented capstone course.

Required courses:
EPS 101 & 105L or Env Sc 101 and 102L
Env Sc 330
Env Sc 430
E&PS 433
E&PS 490 and 401

30 credits, of which at least 26 credits must be above 299, are to be selected from the following 7 groups including at least 6 credits each from 4 of the groups:

a) Spatial Analysis: 455L, *Geog 281,Geog 381L, Geog 487L
(E&PS 300 GIS topics only)
b) Geochemistry: *203, 410, 415, 472
c) Geoscience: *201L, 301, 302L, 310L, 333, 402, 467
d) Earth Surface Processes: 304L, 481L, 485L
e) Hydroscience: 462 or CE 441, 472, 474L, 476
f) Climate: *251, 352, 436, 439
g) Ecology: Biol 310L, 403, 407L, 440L, 451, 463L, 475, 495, 496L
* where no course prefix is listed, the course is within EPS; also, no more than 4 hours total from below 300-level may count toward the tracks.

Required supporting courses/prerequisites:
Math 162L, 163L; Biol 123/124L (formerly Biol 121L); Chem 121L; Phys 160. Students can satisify the requirements for a distributed minor by completing the set of "non-EPS Required Courses" associated with the Earth & Planetary Sciences B.S. degree program, or may choose to complete a Minor in another department. Six credits from courses in group (g), all of which require additional Biology courses as prerequisites, will satisfy the requirements for a Minor in Biology.

Environmental Science minor

A total of at least 20 hours distributed as follows:
1. Env Sc 101 and 102L (or E&PS 101 and 105L), and Env Sc 330.
2. Plus at least 13 additional hours selected from Env Sc 430, E&PS 433 (or Stat 345 or higher) and from at least two of the Environmental Science disciplinary groups. Only one course numbered 299 or below may count toward this requirement.

It is recommended that you seek advice of the Env Sc Departmental Undergraduate Advisor EARLY for course recommendations based on your other academic interests and career plans.