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Masters and Doctoral Students, 2012-2013

Masters Students

BEAL, Roberta
BENALLY, Frances, B.S. in Environmental Science, Univ. of NM, 2011; Email:
Research Interests: Soil geomorphology (Advisor: L. McFadden)
CARRITT, Jeffrey
DeSaREGO, Paulo
DOYLE, Sarah, B.S. in Hydrogeology/Environmental Geology from the University of Texas at Austin, 2010. Email:
Research interests: Sedimentology and geomorphology of alluvial fans, hydrogeology, remote sensing techniques (Advisors: L. Scuderi and G. Weissmann)
FITCH, Erin, B.S. Geology, University of Texas at Arlington, 2007. Email:
Research Interests: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction, soil geomorphology, geomorphology of volcanic landforms, planetary surface processes. Currently studying fire related alluvial-fan deposition with a focus on the relationship between Holocene fire regime, climate and slope aspect in the Jemez Mountains, NM. (Advisor: G. Meyer)
GEORGE, Nicolas, B.S., Earth and Planetary Sciences, UNM, 2010. Email:
Lithospheric deformation and tectonic geodesy. Thesis work is a study of horizontal and vertical deformation generated by inflation of the Socorro magma body, Socorro, New Mexico. Magma chamber geometry, depth, and magma emplacement rates will be modeled using velocities derived from campaign and continuous GPS survey data collected between 2002 and 2012. (Advisors: P. Fawcett, M. Roy, Mark Murray - NM Tech.)
GORDON, Suzanne
JIMENEZ, Gloria, B.A., Carleton College, 2007. Email:
Research interests: Quaternary paleoclimatology, stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry. Thesis: investigating paleoclimate, paleohydrology, and landscape evolution recorded by travertines from Egypt's Western Desert. (Advisor: L. Crossey)
McGIBBON, Christopher
MILLER, Shannon
OLSON, Michelle, B.S., Geology, UNM, 2004. Email:
Thesis work: Using remote sensing to study distributary fluvial systems. (Advisors: L. Scuderi and G. Weissmann)
PICKEL, Alexandra
WILSON, Nicole


Doctoral Students

BHATTACHARYYA, Proma, B.Sc, 2007, University of Calcutta, M.Sc, 2009, Presidency College, University of Calcutta. Email:
I am working in the fluvial sedimentological domain. My primary objective is to find out how do the secondary processes affect the fluvial deposits. (Advisor: G. Weissmann)
CROW, Ryan, B.A., University of Colorado, 1999. M.S., University of New Mexico, 2008. Email:
Research Interests: Structural Geology, Neotectonics, Informal Science Education; Thesis: focused on interactions between bedrock incision, volcanism, and extensional faulting in western Grand Canyon (Advisor: K. Karlstrom)
DECKER, David, M.S., 2003, in Physics Naval Post Graduate School - Monterrey, CA; B.S., 1994, in Workforce Education and Development Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, IL. Email:
Research Interests: I am studying the relationship between spar genesis in the cave environment and its relationship to landform evolution, specifically, the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico and west Texas. I am using radiogenic isotopes to date the spar and stable isotope and fluid inclusion analysis to characterize the formation waters of the spar in order to link it to the orogenic processes that were occuring at the time of the spar growth. My other interests include speleogenesis, volcanology, vulcanospeleology (yes, it's spelled correctly:, arenology and sedimentology. (Advisors: Y. Asmerom, V. Polyak)
DE MOOR, J. Maarten. B.A., Wesleyan University, 2003; M.S., Earth and Planetary Sciences, UNM, 2005. Email:
Research interests: Volcanology, explosive eruptions, volatiles in magmas and volcanic gas chemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, volcanic degassing on Mars. (Advisors: T. Fischer, P. King, Z. Sharp)
DONAHUE, Magdalena, B.S., Geologic Sciences & B.S. Fine Art, University of Oregon, 2005; M.S., Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico, 2007. Email:
Research interests: I am interested in landscape evolution, neotectonics, and geomorphology. My research focuses on the uplift and exhumation history of the the southern Rocky Mountains, using detrital zircon geochronology, low-temperature thermochronology and GIS landscape modeling to calculate regional and local rates of uplift and incision and reconstruct paleogeography and paleolandsurfaces throughout the Cenozoic. (Advisor: K. Karlstrom)
ELARDO, Stephen, B.S. Geology/Earth and Space Sciences, Stony Brook University, 2008; M.S., Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico, 2010. Email:
Research Interests: Planetary geochemistry and experimental igneous petrology, lunar differentiation and magma ocean dynamics, lunar mantle composition and structure, Mg-suite magmatism and lunar crust building processes, mare basalt petrogenesis and geochemical diversity, lunar and martian meteorites, martian magmatic and hydrothermal processes. (Advisor: C.Shearer)
FORD, Rena, M.S., University of Vermont, 2004. Email:
Masters Thesis: Partial Melting Under Reducing Conditions: Clues Into Primitive Achondrite Formation. My main research interests are in asteroidal and early solar system processes. (Advisor: A. Brearley)
FRUS, Rebecca, B.S., Arizona State University, 2008; Master of Geology, Arizona State University, 2011. Email:
Research Interests: Hydrogeochemistry with an emphasis on water quality of arid land springs. I am also interested in education research and understanding how people learn scientific principles in outdoor learning experiences. (Advisor: L. Crossey)
HAN, Jang Mi, M.S. in Earth Science Education, Seoul National University, 2009. Email :
Research interest : CAIs in CO3 chondrites (Advisor: A. Brearley)
HOBBS, Kevin, B.S. in Geology, University of the South, 2006; M.S., Geological Sciences, University of Idaho, 2010. Email:
Research Interests:  The effects of past climate changes on surficial processes, especially concerning how climate change is recorded in paleosols. (Advisor: P. Fawcett)
JASECHKO, Scott, B.Sc., University of Victoria, 2009; M.Sc., University of Waterloo, 2011. Email:
Research Interests: Use of chemical tracers to isolate the origin of waters, solutes and contaminants, and to discern the processes acting upon hydrologic systems. (Advisors: Z. Sharp and P. Fawcett)
LEE, Hyunwoo, B.S. Geological Sciences, Yonsei University (South Korea), 2009; M.S. Geological Sciences, Yonsei University (South Korea), 2011. Email:
Research Interests: Volatiles and volcanoes. (Advisor: T. Fischer)
LEVINE, Rebekah
McNAMARA, Kelsey
MITCHELL, Euan, M.E.Sci Geology, Univ. of Liverpool (UK), 2005. M.S., University of New Mexico, 2007. Email:
Research Interests: My primary interest is in radiogenic isotope geochemistry, specifically as applied to understanding the mechanism(s) and timescale(s) of mass transfer in subduction zones. Secondary interests are in mantle geochemistry, igneous petrology and volcanology. My dissertation is concerned with applying U-series, Sr, Nd, Pb and Os isotope and trace element data to understanding the mechanism(s) of genesis, and timescale(s) of differentiation, of Holocene lavas from the Central Oregon Cascades.
(Advisor: Y. Asmerom)
NICHOLS, Elizabeth, B.S. Geology, B.A. Spanish, University of Montana, 2003; M.S. University of New Mexico, 2006. Email:
PRIEWISCH, Alexandra, "Diplom" (MS) in Geology at University of Mainz, Germany, 1998. Email:
Research Interests: 1) Travertine - Geochronology, Paleoclimate, Geochemistry, Facies and Depositional Environment; 2) CO2 Sequestration - Application of Diagenetic Modeling. (Advisor: L. Crossey)
RICKETTS, Jason, B.S. Geophysics, San Diego State University, 2008; M.S. Geological Sciences, San Diego State University, 2010. Email:
My main geologic interests involve structural geology and tectonics, including processes of lithospheric deformation at all scales. Currently, I am focusing on the role of low-angle normal faulting within the Rio Grande rift, using apatite fission track and (UTh)/He dating techniques as primary tools. (Advisor: K. Karlstrom)
SAMUELS-CROW, Kimberly, BS in Earth and Planetary Sciences, UNM, 2006; MS in Geochemistry, New Mexico Tech 2008. Email:
Research Interests: Atmospheric water vapor, subtropical deserts, stable isotopes, ancient and modern climate.. (Advisor: J. Galewsky)
SANTOS, Alison, B.S. Geological Sciences, Salem State College, 2010. M.S., Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico, 2012.
Research Interests: experimental and igneous petrology, effects of volatiles on magmas, the mantle (Advisor: C. Agee)
THEILING, Bethany, B.A. in Anthropology, Florida State University, 2003; M.S. in Geology, University of Georgia, 2005. Email:
Research Interests: Primary: Characterization of greenhouse climates using stable O and radiogenic Nd isotopes. Of particular interest is the mechanism of cycle (parasequence) formation and hypothesized fluctuations in continental glacial ice volume during greenhouse time intervals. Secondary: Determination of whether modern, adjacent fluvial megafans show significant differences in trace element and radiogenic isotope geochemistry. Emphasis is placed on developing a chemical "fingerprint" with diagenetically robust chemical proxies so that this method may be applied to the geologic record. (Advisor: M. Elrick)
TYRA, Mark B.S., Geology, University of Kentucky, 2002; M.S., Geology, University of Maryland, 2005. Email:
Research Interests:Use both radiogenic (53Mn/53Cr) and stable isotopes (oxygen and carbon isotopes) values to track timing and nature of asteroidal water interaction. Primarily I have been working on CM and CR chondritic meteorite samples. I have also worked on “seeing through” terrestrial contamination to determine pristine meteorite carbonate mineral compositions. (Advisor: A. Brearley)
YUHAS, Andrew