Harding Mine Release Form (and Location) Information

Note: It is required that all visitors must have a signed copy of a release form in their possession when visiting the Harding Mine. Groups may use one release form, but the form must include the names of all persons in their party. You may use this page to access blank release forms to be printed and filled out. It is suggested that you fill out two forms and return one of them to the department in addition to the one which you carry with you.

If you are visiting as part of a large group (more than 10 people), you must do this ahead of time and follow the instructions in the next paragraph for "large groups". Please choose one of the versions shown below, and follow the instructions on the form.

  • For an Adobe Acrobat version of the Release Form, click here.
  • For a Web Browser version of the Release Form, click here.
  • For a Microsoft Word for Windows version of the Release Form, click here.

All Groups please read and heed: The Harding Mine area is suffering from large numbers of visitors during the summer, particularly field camp groups. In order to keep the area clean and sanitary, we are now requiring that large groups (more than ten people) staying for longer than two hours pay for chemical toilets at the site, at $50 per day. This will cover the price of pick-up and removal of chemical toilets which will keep the mine area from continuing to be fouled by human sewage, without causing undue financial burden on the students. Faulure to get permission to enter the mine area or to pay this fee will force us to prohibit large groups altogether. Please use the following procedure to reserve time and facilities for your group:

  1. Complete the release form with names and addresses of all parties in your group
  2. At least two to three weeks before your visit, send a copy of the completed release form(s) along with a check for $50 payable to "Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico". Be sure to include the date of your visit in the paperwork (so portable "facilities" may be arranged for that date). Our address is on the form.
  3. Bring a copy of the completed release forms with you. The forms must be in the possession of the group leader while on the property, and may be checked by our caretaker at any time.

Our caretaker is Gilbert Griego. He may be reached by mail at the following address:

Mr. Gilbert Griego
Harding Mine
P.O. Box 271
Dixon, NM 87527

Email Address: gilgriego@windstream.net

Note: Permission to visit the Harding Mine can be obtained from the department of Earth & Planetary Sciences or from the Griegos. A release form must be signed either at the department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, or with Gilbert or Bernabe Griego. If the gate to the mine is locked, you will need to locate the Gilbert to get access. A map showing the location of the Griegos' homes is shown below; you may print this page for reference.

For those of you with access to Google Earth (http://earth.google.com), pasting the following coordinates (lat=36.1933164766, lon=-105.794828164) for the Harding Mine into the program will locate the mine exactly. From there you can zoom out to get your bearings.

Below is a road map (scaled) with the approximate location of the Harding Mine shown. The access road to the mine is not very well marked, but is a right turn just past mile marker 8 on the road to PeƱasco and Picuris Pueblo (NM75):

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