Some Digital Maps of New Mexico

When our EPS pages first appeared, we used a false-color shaded relief map which was part of the Color Landform Atlas of the United States, produced by Ray Sterner of the Space Oceanography Group at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Now Ray has created a topozone interface for the map which allows you to pick any point on the map and click on it to jump to the topozone web pages at the latitude and longitude of the point clicked. You must have Netscape Navigator for this script to work; it won't work with IE 4 or 5 yet but should display the map. Click on the link below to load the imagemap in a new browser window. When you are done with the Topozone interface, close the window to go back to the map. When your done with the big map, close the window and this page should still be here. (Warning: Clicking on this map can be addictive, but it doesn't cost as much as gambling.)

Please note that some of these maps are quite large, and can take a while to load with slow network connections. Be patient -- they are worth it.

Click here for the NM Shaded Relief Map with Topozone Interface (Netscape Only)

Click here for the NM Shaded Relief Map without the Inferface (If the previous link doesn't work)

Maps for the lower 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii are in the works) may be found in the Landform Atlas. For other interesting links to map resources (and many other things on the Internet) check out Ray's homepage.

A few other interesting image maps of New Mexico obtained from the landform atlas include the digital image map with county boundaries included, a false-color infrared satelite image, and a large and very detailed 1895 political map of New Mexico (back when Bernalillo was in Bernalillo County), all of which are very neat.