Dr. Lee Woodward

Ph.D., University of Washington, 1962. (Professor Emeritus)
Northrop Hall Rm. TBA; Phone: (505) 277-5309

Research and Academic Interests:

My research interests focus on numerical weather and climate prediction and their use for understanding the atmospheric branch of Earth's hydrologic cycle, its role in global climate dynamics, and its links and feedbacks with the Earth's surface.

Listing of Recent Publications:

"Implications of Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Proterozoic Piercing Lines for Laramide Oblique-Slip Faulting in New Mexico and Rotation of the Colorado Plateau: Discussion," Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 112, No. 5, 2000.

"Road log through the Judith Mountains, Central Montana," Northwest Geology, v. 29, p. 1-22, 1999, (L.A. Woodward and K.W. Porter).

"Laccoliths of the Judith Mountains, Central Montana," Northwest Geology, v. 29, p. 23-27, 1999.

"Second day, trip 2, road log from Albuquerque to San Ysidro, Loma Creston, La Ceja, and Sand Hill Fault," New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook 50, p. 47-66, 1999, (L.A. Woodward, F.J. Pazzaglia, S.D. Connell, J. Hawley, R.H. Tedford, S. Personius, G.A. Smith, S. Cather, S. Lucas, P. Hester and J. Gilmore).

"Phanerozoic Geologic Evolution of the Albuquerque Area," New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook 50, p. 97-114, 1999, (L.A. Woodward, F.J. Pazzaglia, S.G. Lucas, O.J. Anderson, K.W. Wegman and J.W. Estep).

"Late Paleozoic Right-Slip Faults in the Ancestral Rocky Mountains," New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook 50, p. 149-153, 1999, (L.A. Woodward, O.J. Anderson and S.G. Lucas).

"Paleotectonics of the late Paleozoic PeƱasco uplift, Nacimiento region, northern New Mexico," New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook 48, p. 107-113, 1996.

"Tectonic ancestry of central Montana and its influence on inversion tectonics," Montana Geo-logical Society, Symposium with Rocky Mountain Section of American Association of Petroleum Geologists, p. 3-7, 1996.

"Metallic mineral deposits of the Judith Mountains, central Montana," Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Memoir 67, 78 p., 1995.

"Pre-Middle Cambrian (Proterozoic?) block faulting in central Montana, Mountain Geologist, v. 32, no. 4, p. 107-112, 1995 (with T.E. Bell).

"The Golden Messenger mine, York district, Montana: Geologic and isotopic constraints," Economic Geology, v. 90, p. 1322-1328, 1995 (with Ian Lange and H.R. Krause).

"Down-plunge structural interpretation of the Placitas area, northwestern Sandia uplift, central New Mexico - Implications for tectonic evolution of the Rio Grande rift," New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook 46, p. 127-133, 1995 (with Barbara Menne).

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