Michael (Mike) Spilde

M.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, 1987 (Research Scientist III)
Northrop Hall Rm. TBA; Phone: (505) 277-5430; email: mspilde@unm.edu

Research and Academic Interests:

I am a mineralogist with interests in both terrestrial and planetary mineralogy/geology. My research has a strong emphasis on the application of electron microbeam techniques (microprobe, SEM, TEM) to problems in mineralogy and geomicrobiology. My current research centers around the study of the interaction between microbes and minerals. This involves the study of how microorganisms survive in subsurface environments, what signatures they leave behind in the form of minerals, and how these biosignatures might be utilized in the search for life on other planets.

Listing of Recent Publications:

"Evidence for geomicrobiological interactions in Guadalupe (NM) Caves," Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, In press, (D.E. Northup, C.N. Dahm, L.A. Melim, M.N. Spilde, L.J. Crossey, K.H. Lavoie, L. Mallory, P.J. Boston, K.I. Cunningham and S.M. Barns).
"Metamorphic diogenite GRO 95555: Mineral chemistry of orthopyroxene and spinel and comparisons to the diogenite suite," Meteoritics & Planetary Science, In press, (J.J. Papike, C.K. Shearer, M.N. Spilde and J.M. Karner).
"Diogenites as asteroidal cumulates: Insights from chromite chemistry," American Mineralogist, v. 84, p. 1020-1026, 1999, (L.E. Bowman, J.J. Papike and M.N. Spilde).
"Synthesis and characterization of Uranium (IV)-bearing members of the [NZP] structural family," Chemistry of Materials, v. 11(10), p. 2851-2857, 1999, (H.T. Hawkins, D.R. Spearing, D.K. Veirs, J.A. Danis, D.M. Smith, C.D. Tait, W.H. Runde, M.N. Spilde and B.E. Scheetz).
"Bismuth minerals from the Harding pegmatite: More than just yellow-green grunge," New Mexico Geology, v. 21, p. 15, 1999, (M.N. Spilde).

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