Charles K. Shearer, Jr

Research Professor and Senior Research Scientist III (Institute of Meteoritics), Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1983. Office: Northrop Hall Rm. 306-B; 277-9159.

Research and Academic Interests:

Trace element behavior in magmatic systems with an emphasis on the crystal chemistry of silicates, planetary basaltic magmatism; Life on Mars; granite generation and evolution.

Listing of Recent Publications:

  • "Systematics of Ni and Co in olivine from planetary melt systems: Lunar mare basalts, American Mineralogist, v. 84, p. 392-399, 1999, (J.J. Papike, G.W. Fowler, C.T. Adcock and C.K. Shearer).
  • "Olivine in martian meteorite ALH 84001. Evidence for a high-temperature origin and implications for signs of life," Meteoritics and Planetary Science, v. 34, p. 331-339, 1999, (C.K. Shearer, L.A. Lesson and C.T. Adcock).
  • "Magmatic Evolution of the Moon," (Invited Review), American Mineralogist, v. 84, p. 1469-1494, 1999, (C.K. Shearer and J.J. Papike).
  • "Lunar samples," Reviews in Mineralogy, v. 36, p. 5-1- 5-234, 1998, (J.J. Papike, G. Ryder and C.K. Shearer).
  • "The planetary sample suite and environments of origin," Reviews in Mineralogy, v. 36, p. 1-1 - 1-28, 1998, (C.K. Shearer, J.J. Papike and F.J.M. Rietmeijer).
  • "Kornerupine parageneses in whiteschists and other magnesian rocks: is kornerupine + talc a high-pressure assemblage equivalent to tourmaline + orthopyroxene?" Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, v. 131, p. 22-38, 1998, (E.S. Grew, N.N. Pertsev, S. Vrana, M.G. Yates, C.K. Shearer and M. Wiedenbeck).
  • "Petrogenetic models for the origin of diogenites and their relationship to basaltic magmatism on the HED parent body," Meteoritics and Planetary Science, v. 32, p. 877-889, 1997, (C.K. Shearer, G.W. Fowler and J.J. Papike).
  • "Evaluating the evidence of past life on Mars," (Technical Comment), Science, v. 274, p. 2119-2125, 1996, (C.K. Shearer and J.J. Papike).
  • "Sulfur isotopic systematics in alteration assemblages in martian meteorite Allan Hills 84001," Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 60, p. 2921-2926, 1996, (C.K. Shearer, G.D. Layne, J.J. Papike and M.N. Spilde).
  • "The role of ilmenite in the source region for mare basalts: evidence from Nb, Zr, and Ce in picritic glasses," Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 60, p. 3521-3530, 1996 (with J.J. Papike and G.D. Layne).
  • "Sector zoned aegirine from the Ilimaussaq alkaline intrusion, south Greenland: Implications for trace element behavior in pyroxene," American Mineralogist, v. 79, p. 340-352, 1994 (with L.M. Larsen).
  • "Proterozoic geology of the western midcontinent basement: In the Geology of North America," Precambrian, Conterminous U.S., Geological Society of America, v. C-2, p. 239-259, 1993 (with W.R. Van Schmus, M.E. Bickford, P.K. Sims, R.R. Anderson, C.K. Shearer and S.B. Treves).
  • "Petrogenetic links among granites and pegmatites in the Harney Peak rare-element granite-pegmatite system, Black Hills, South Dakota," Canadian Mineralogist, v. 30, p. 785-809, 1992 (with J.J. Papike and B.L. Joliff).
  • "Geochemistry of Laramide igneous intrusions, northern Black Hills, implications for petrogenetic relationships and magma sources," in Metallogeny of Gold in the Black Hills, SEG Field Conf. South Dakota Guidebook, pp. 35-42, 1990.

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