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Dr. Karl E. Karlstrom

Ph.D., University of Wyoming, 1981. (Professor) (505) 277-4346 kek1@unm.edu

Research and Academic Interests:

Structural Geology and Tectonics. Research interests in field and analytical studies of ductile rock deformation; growth and assembly of Proterozoic continental lithosphere in North America; and studies of the dynamic interaction of deformation, pluton ascent, emplacement and metamorphism. Studies of uplift history of the Western U.S., including dynamic topography and mantle-to-surface interactions.

Dr. Karlstrom

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My Classes:

EPS 101: How the Earth Works (Freshman Learning Community)
EPS 307L: Structural Geology
EPS 310L: New Mexico Field Geology
EPS 519: Advanced Structural Geology
EPS 527: Topics in Tectonics
EPS 420/520L: Advanced Field Geology

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