David S. Gutzler

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986 (Professor)
Office Northrop Hall Rm. 210; 277-3328 Email: gutzler@unm.edu

Research and Academic Interests:

Climatology; meteorology; interactions between Earth's atmosphere and its hydrosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and lithosphere; predictability of weather and climate.

List of Related Web Links:

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Selected Recent Publications:

Gutzler, D.S., and T.O. Robbins, "Climate variability and projected change in the western United States: Regional downscaling and drought statistics," Climate Dynamics, DOI 10.1007/s00382-010-0838-7, 2010. []

Gutzler, D.S., and L. van Alst, "Interannual variability of wildfires and summer precipitation in the Southwest," New Mexico Geology, v 32, p 22-24, 2010. []

Gutzler, D.S., L.N. Long, J.K. Schemm, S.Baidya Roy, M. Bosilovich, C. Collier, M. Kanamitsu, P. Kelly, D. Lawrence, M.-I. Lee, R. Lobato S., B. Mapes, K. Mo, A. Nunes, E. Ritchie, J. Roads,S. Schubert, H. Wei and G. Zhang, "Simulations of the North American Monsoon: NAMAP2," J. Climate, v 22, p 6716-6740, 2009. []

Schubert, S., D. Gutzler, H. Wang, A, Dai, T. Delworth, C. Deser, K. Findell, R. Fu, W. Higgins, M. Hoerling, B. Kirtman, R. Koster, A. Kumar, D. Legler, D. Lettenmaier, B. Lyon, V. Magana, K. Mo, S. Nigam, P. Pegion, A. Phillips, R. Pulwarty, D. Rind, A. Ruiz-Barradas, J. Schemm, R. Seager, R. Stewart, M. Suarez, J. Syktus, M. Ting, C. Wang, S. Weaver and N. Zeng, "A US CLIVAR project to assess and compare the responses of global climate models to drought-related SST forcing patterns: Overview and results," J. Climate, v 22, p 5251-5272, 2009. []

Kennedy, T. , D.S. Gutzler and R.L. Leung, "Predicting future threats to the long-term survival of Gila Trout using a high-resolution simulation of climate change," Climatic Change, v 94, p 503-515, 2009. []

Strong, M., Z. Sharp and D.S. Gutzler, "Diagnosing moisture transport using D/H ratios of water vapor," Geophysical Research Letters, v 34, doi:10.1029/2006GL028307, 2007. [pdf]

Gutzler, D.S., "Climate change and water resources in New Mexico," Earth Matters, v 7, p 1 ff., 2007. []

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