Tobias P. Fischer

Professor of Volcanology and Director of Fluids and Volatiles Laboratory, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico

Currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the Deep Carbon Observatory Deep Carbon Degassing (DCO-DECADE) international initiative that brings together scientists from about 11 countries to better understand degassing of carbon from active volcanoes and volcanic regions. See also

Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano, East African Rift. Photo: Tobias Fischer, July 2005

Current post docs, collaborators, and students

Dr. Tehnuka Ilanko (Ph.D. University of Cambridge): Dr. Illanko is a post-doctoral fellow at UNM working on Erebus volcano and characterizing its subglacial hydrothermal system with potential effects on CO2 degassing.

Check out Tehnuka's volcano blog

Dr. J. Maarten de Moor (Ph.D. University of New Mexico): Dr. de Moor is currently partially supported through a DCO-DECADE while he is doing research at the National University of Costa Rica as an assistant professor and maintaining the volcanic gas monitoring network on the active volcanoes of Costa Rica.

Hyunwoo Lee (M.Sc. Yonsei University): Mr. Lee is a Ph.D. student working on the degassing of carbon and related fluids from the East African Rift and the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Hyunwoo is also working with a group at Sandia National Laboratories on experiments related to noble gases moving through rocks at high pressures.

Nicole Thomas (B.Sc. University of New Mexico): Ms. Thomas is a M.Sc. student who is working on the mineralogy of the recent explosive eruptions of Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano.

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