Rodney C. Ewing

Ph.D., Stanford University, 1974 (Regents Professor Emeritus)

Research and Academic Interests:

Mineralogy, geochemistry and materials science of nuclear materials, particularly radiation damage effects in minerals and materials. Rod was an active member of the UNM faculty from 1974 to 1997.  He is presently the Frank Stanton Professor in Nuclear Security and a professor in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University.

List of Related Web Links:

Rod Ewing's Stanford Web Pages

Recent publications:

Ewing, R.C., 2013, Nuclear Fuel in a Reactor Accident, Science, v. 335, p. 6073.

Blandford, E., Budnitz, R. , and Ewing, R.C., 2011, What does 1 million years mean to a regulator, Nuclear News.

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