Roger Y. Anderson

Ph.D., Stanford University, 1960 (Emeritus Professor)
505-277-1639 Email:

Research and Academic Interests:

Investigations of paleoclimate, as recorded in lacustrine and marine sediments. Studies of seasonal processes of sedimentation in lake and ocean systems. Development of basin models based on geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric observations. Studies of evaporites.

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Listing of Recent Publications:

"A Continuous, High-resolution Record of Late Pleistocene Climate Variability from Estancia Basin, NM," Bulletin, Geological Society of America, in press, (B.D. Allen and R.Y. Anderson).

"Rapid Changes in Late Pleistocene Precipitation and Stream Discharage Determined from Medium- and Coarse-Grained Sediment in Saline Lakes," (ed., A.M. Fard), Global and Planetary Change, Elsevier, in press, (R.Y. Anderson).

"Geomorphic and Hydrologic Response in Estancia Basin to Late Pleistocene and Holocene Climatic Change, 3rd Day, Trip 2 Road Log," NMGS Guidebook, 50th Field Conference, Albuquerque, Geology, p. 75-82, 1999, (R.Y. Anderson and B.D. Allen).

"Atmospheric and Hydrologic Controls on a High Resolution Lacustrine Record of Late Pleistocene Climate Variability, Estancia Basin, New Mexico," EOS, 1999, (R.Y. Anderson, K.M. Menking, K.H. Syed, N.G. Shafike, B.D. Allen and S.W. Hostetler).

"Geomorphic and Hydrologic Response in Estancia Basin to Late Pleistocene and Holocene Climate Change: Field Guide," NMGS Guidebook, 1999, (R.Y. Anderson and B.D. Allen).

"Response of a Large, Shallow Lake to Late Pleistocene Submillennial Climate Perturbations: Estancia Basin, New Mexico, EOS, v. 79, 1998, (R.Y. Anderson, B.D. Allen, K.M. Menking and S.W. Hostetler).

"Seasonal sedimentation: Framework for reconstructing environmental and climatic change," (ed., A.E.S. Kemp), Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography of Laminated Sediments, London, Geological Society Special Publication, v. 116, p. 1-15, 1996.

"Regional aridity in North America during the middle Holocene," The Holocene, v. 6, 2, p. 145-155, 1996, (W.E. Dean, T.S. Ahlbrandt and J.P. Bradbury).

"Carbon export and regeneration in the coastal upwelling system of Monterey Bay, central California," Journal of Marine Research, v. 54, p. 1149-1178, 1996 (with C.H. Pilskaln, J.B. Paduan, F.P. Chavez and W.M. Berelson).

"Filling the Delaware Basin: Hydrologic and climatic controls on the Permian Castile evaporite," in Scholle, T.M. Peryt and D.S. Ulmer-Scholle (eds), The Permian of the Northern Continents: Facies, Faunas, and Paleogeography; Springer-Verlag, v. 2, p. 61-78, 1995 (with W.E. Dean).

"Evidence from western North America for rapid shifts in climate during the last glacial maximum," Science, v. 260, pp. 1920-1923, 1993 (with B. D. Allen*).

"Possible connection between surface winds, solar activity, and the earth's magnetic field," Nature, v. 358, pp. 51-53, 1992.

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