I am no longer a member of the active teaching faculty, so this section is now a bit obsolete. However, if you are looking for my optical mineralogy Powerpoint modules, you can find them on this page.

In 2010 and 2011, I taught a Science Education Institute of the Southwest summer workshop for K-8 teachers called "Using rock samples to think like a scientist". You can find information on the SEIS program here. I hope to continue offering summer workshops through SEIS.

Optical mineralogy PowerPoint presentations

I taught optics as a short course in the labs during the first three weeks of petrology. The pace was fast and furious, but the crash course approach actually seemed to work really well. We alternated between the PowerPoint and exercises using the microscope. Indicatrices were illustrated by cutting up various fruits and vegetables in class, as illustrated in Part II of the files. If you would like to download copies of my PowerPoint files, you can access them here. Please just acknowledge me if you use or revise the presentations though. They took a long time to create! Also, please let me know if you find mistakes, or have other comments on these presentations.

Optics PowerPoint, Part I (4.4 Mb)

Optics PowerPoint, Part II (5.3 Mb)

-- Jane Selverstone

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