Currently funded projects:

Linked isotopic (Cl, O, H) and petrologic studies of fluid-rock interaction during the subduction cycle. Joint with Zach Sharp.

What is the strength of low-angle normal faults? Collaborative with Gary Axen and graduate student Amy Luther at New Mexico Tech.

Some previously funded projects:

Metamorphic fluid evolution and rock rheology. Collaborative with Jan Tullis (Brown University) and Adrian Brearley.

Mantle and crustal xenoliths of the Puerco Necks, New Mexico: Constraints on lithospheric evolution at the transition between the Colorado Plateau and the Rio Grande Rift. Joint with Zach Sharp and Adrian Brearley.

Tectonic and metamorphic implications of high chlorine contents in serpentinites. Zach Sharp was lead PI, and Adrian Brearley and I were co-PIs. Most of the work was really done by Jaime Barnes for her PhD. Jaime is now on the faculty at the University of Texas - Austin.

Interactions between deformation and metamorphism: Controls on shear zone rheology and metamorphic memory. Joint with Adrian Brearley.

Proterozoic assembly of the northern Colorado Front Range. With collaborators Lang Farmer and John Aleinikoff.

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