Educational Resources for Earth & Planetary Sciences

This page will be developed into a source of and local resources (on this web site) and web-based links relating to learning about our planet and its solar system.

Local Resources

UNM General Library Website (Access to UNM Online Library Catalogs

Centennial Science and Engineering Library (Excellent online research resources for the sciences)

The Geology Museum (Information about our Museum)

The "Online" Meteorite Museum (Interactive web site about Meteorites and our Collection)

Field-based Resources

The Harding Pegmatite Mine (Famous pegmatite locality, open to the public in Dixon, NM)

Web-based Resources

Earth Science Web Links (Locally maintained links page on this server)

Geology Resources for K-12 Education (courtesy of Natural Sciences Program)

(This section is under development)

Educational Outreach and Research Programs

Trail of Time (Interpretive Trail at Grand Canyon)

Geology is very cool. We believe that the more we know about the planet we live on (and the solar system which contains it), the better off we will be as it's residents. As part of our mission as public educators, we are working to make this page a useful educational resource for primary and secondary school (K-12) students and their teachers, and anyone with an interest in the earth and how it works.

We need your help to make this page grow. If you are aware of educational resources available on the Internet, have field trip road logs or other resources you would like to contribute and make available on these pages or have suggestions for what you would like to see here, please send Email to me, Jim Connolly -- I am particularly interested in field trip road logs and other resources for field-oriented self-education that we can "key" to New Mexico highway maps and make available online. We thank you in advance for your input.

(Minor updates on: 25-September-2009)